• full name: tenpy.version

  • parent module: tenpy

  • type: module

Module description

Access to version of this library.

The version is provided in the standard python format major.minor.revision as string. Use pkg_resources.parse_version before comparing versions.

tenpy.version.version = '0.10.0'

current release version as a string

tenpy.version.released = False

whether this is a released version or modified

tenpy.version.short_version = 'v0.10.0'

same as version, but with ‘v’ in front

tenpy.version.git_revision = 'c604222f7337cf594fffd75e2f371b721e2a7190'

the hash of the last git commit (if available)

tenpy.version.full_version = '0.10.0.dev0+c604222'

if not released additional info with part of git revision

tenpy.version.version_summary = 'tenpy 0.10.0.dev0+c604222 (not compiled),\ngit revision c604222f7337cf594fffd75e2f371b721e2a7190 using\npython 3.7.9 (default, May 10 2023, 17:48:33) \n[GCC 7.5.0]\nnumpy 1.21.6, scipy 1.7.3'

summary of the tenpy, python, numpy and scipy versions used