• full name: tenpy.run_simulation

  • parent module: tenpy

  • type: function

tenpy.run_simulation(simulation_class_name='GroundStateSearch', simulation_class_kwargs=None, return_simulation=False, **simulation_params)[source]

Run the simulation with a simulation class.

  • simulation_class_name (str) – The name of a (sub)class of Simulation to be used for running the simulation.

  • simulation_class_kwargs (dict | None) – A dictionary of keyword-arguments to be used for the initializing the simulation.

  • **simulation_params – Further keyword arguments as documented in the corresponding simulation class, see :cfg:config`Simulation`.


results – If return_simulation is True directly the simulation class. Else the results from running the simulation, i.e., what run() returned.

Return type

dict | Simulation