[v0.99.0] - 2024-03-19

Release Notes

The v0.99 release is the Backwards-compatible version of the v1.0 release release. It has all of the same features, but should raise informative warnings for those features that are not compatible with v1.0.

The most notable changes since v0.11 are the addition of VUMPS (variational uniform MPS) algorithms and simulation classes for dynamics and spectral functions.




  • safeguard measurements with try-except.


  • MPO methods dagger(), is_hermitian(), and __add__() now respect the :~tenpy.networks.mpo.MPO.explicit_plus_hc flag.

  • Handle Jordan wigner strings better, see PR #355. This includes a new way to add JW signs on a virtual MPS leg via the site’s charge_to_JW_signs()