Installation from PyPi with pip

Preparation: install requirements

If you have the [conda] package manager from anaconda, you can just download the environment.yml file (using the conda-forge channel, or the environment_other.yml for all other channels) out of the repository and create a new environment (called tenpy, if you don’t specify another name) for TeNPy with all the required packages:

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate tenpy

Further information on conda environments can be found in the conda documentation. Note that installing conda also installs a version of [pip].

Alternatively, if you only have [pip] (and not [conda]), install the required packages with the following command (after downloading the requirements.txt file from the repository):

pip install -r requirements.txt


Make sure that the pip you call corresponds to the python version you want to use. (One way to ensure this is to use python -m pip instead of a simple pip.) Also, you might need to use the argument --user to install the packages to your home directory, if you don’t have sudo rights. (Using --user with conda’s pip is discouraged, though.)


It might just be a temporary problem, but I found that the pip version of numpy is incompatible with the python distribution of anaconda. If you have installed the intelpython or anaconda distribution, use the conda package manager instead of pip for updating the packages whenever possible!

Installing the latest stable TeNPy package

Now we are ready to install TeNPy. It should be as easy as (note the different package name - ‘tenpy’ was taken!)

pip install physics-tenpy


If the installation fails, don’t give up yet. In the minimal version, tenpy requires only pure Python with somewhat up-to-date NumPy and SciPy. See Installation from source.

Installation of the latest version from Github

To get the latest development version from the github main branch, you can use:

pip install git+git://

This should already have the latest features described in [latest]. Disclaimer: this might sometimes be broken, although we do our best to keep to keep it stable as well.

Installation from the downloaded source folder

Finally, if you downloaded the source and want to modify parts of the source, You can also install TeNPy with in development version with --editable:

cd $HOME/tenpy # after downloading the source, got to the repository
pip install --editable .

Uninstalling a pip-installed version

In all of the above cases, you can uninstall tenpy with:

pip uninstall physics-tenpy