Bulding the documentation

You can use Sphinx to generate the full documentation in various formats (including HTML or PDF) yourself, as described in the following. First, install the extra requirements, i.e., Sphinx, with:

pip install -r doc/requirements.txt


Plotting the inheritance graphs also requires Graphviz. If you have conda, installing it requires just conda install graphviz.

Afterwards, simply go to the folder doc/ and run the following command:

make html

This should generate the html documentation in the folder doc/sphinx_build/html. Open this folder (or to be precise: the file index.html in it) in your webbroser and enjoy this and other documentation beautifully rendered, with cross links, math formulas and even a search function. Other output formats are available as other make targets, e.g., make latexpdf.


Building the documentation with sphinx requires loading the modules. The conf.py adjusts the python path to include the tenpy from root directory of the repository.