• full name: tenpy.simulations.measurement

  • parent module: tenpy.simulations

  • type: module


bond_dimension(results, psi, model, simulation)

Deprecated version of m_bond_dimension().

bond_energies(results, psi, model, simulation)

Deprecated version of m_bond_energies().

correlation_length(results, psi, model, ...)

Deprecated version of m_correlation_length().

energy_MPO(results, psi, model, simulation)

Deprecated version of m_energy_MPO().

entropy(results, psi, model, simulation[, key])

Deprecated version of m_entropy().

evolved_time(results, psi, model, simulation)

Deprecated version of m_evolved_time().

m_bond_dimension(results, psi, model, simulation)

'Measure' the bond dimension of an MPS.

m_bond_energies(results, psi, model, simulation)

Measure the energy of an MPS.

m_correlation_length(results, psi, model, ...)

Measure the correlation of an infinite MPS.

m_energy_MPO(results, psi, model, simulation)

Measure the energy of an MPS by evaluating the MPS expectation value.

m_entropy(results, psi, model, simulation[, ...])

Measure the entropy at all bonds of an MPS.

m_evolved_time(results, psi, model, simulation)

Measure the time evolved by the engine, engine.evolved_time.

m_measurement_index(results, psi, model, ...)

'Measure' the index of how many measurements have been performed so far.

m_onsite_expectation_value(results, psi, ...)

Measure expectation values of an onsite operator.

m_simulation_parameter(results, psi, model, ...)

Dummy measurement of a simulation parameter.

measurement_index(results, psi, model, ...)

Deprecated version of m_measurement_index().

measurement_wrapper(function, results_key, ...)

Decorator to transform a function into a measurement function.

onsite_expectation_value(results, psi, ...)

Deprecated version of m_onsite_expectation_value().

psi_method(results, psi, model, simulation, ...)

Generic function to measure arbitrary method of psi with given additional kwargs.

simulation_parameter(results, psi, model, ...)

Deprecated version of m_simulation_parameter().

Module description

Functions to perform measurements during simulations.

All measurement functions provided in this module support the interface used by the simulation class, i.e. they take the parameters results, psi, model, simulation as keyword arguments, as documented in measurement_index() and write the measurement results into the results dictionary taken as argument. It can take extra keyword arguments that can be specified in

As briefly explained in Simulations, you can easily add custom measurement functions.

Full description and details in Measurements for Simulations.