Papers using TeNPy

This page collects papers using (and citing) the TeNPy library, both as an inspiration what can be done, as well as to keep track of the usage, such that we can see how useful our work is to the community. It keeps us motivated!

To include your own work, you can either fill out this template on github, or you can directly add your citation in this Zotero online library (and notify us about it or just wait).

Entries in the following list are sorted by year-author.

  1. Annabelle Bohrdt, Fabian Grusdt, and Michael Knap. Dynamical formation of a magnetic polaron in a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet. arXiv:1907.08214 [cond-mat, physics:quant-ph], July 2019. arXiv:1907.08214.

  2. Fabian Grusdt, Annabelle Bohrdt, and Eugene Demler. Microscopic spinon-chargon theory of magnetic polarons in the t-J model. Physical Review B, 99(22):224422, June 2019. arXiv:1901.01113, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.99.224422.

  3. Bartholomew Andrews, Madhav Mohan, and Titus Neupert. Abelian topological order of \$\nu=2/5\$ and \$3/7\$ fractional quantum Hall states in lattice models. arXiv:2007.08870 [cond-mat], August 2020. arXiv:2007.08870.

  4. Bartholomew Andrews and Alexey Soluyanov. Fractional quantum Hall states for moir\'e superstructures in the Hofstadter regime. Physical Review B, 101(23):235312, June 2020. arXiv:2004.06602, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.101.235312.

  5. Mari Carmen Banuls, Michal P. Heller, Karl Jansen, Johannes Knaute, and Viktor Svensson. From spin chains to real-time thermal field theory using tensor networks. Physical Review Research, 2(3):033301, August 2020. arXiv:1912.08836, doi:10.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.033301.

  6. A. Bohrdt, Y. Wang, J. Koepsell, M. Kánasz-Nagy, E. Demler, and F. Grusdt. Dominant fifth-order correlations in doped quantum anti-ferromagnets. arXiv:2007.07249 [cond-mat, physics:quant-ph], July 2020. arXiv:2007.07249.

  7. Umberto Borla, Ruben Verresen, Fabian Grusdt, and Sergej Moroz. Confined phases of one-dimensional spinless fermions coupled to \$Z_2\$ gauge theory. Physical Review Letters, 124(12):120503, March 2020. arXiv:1909.07399, doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.120503.

  8. Umberto Borla, Ruben Verresen, Jeet Shah, and Sergej Moroz. Gauging the Kitaev chain. arXiv:2010.00607 [cond-mat, physics:hep-lat, physics:hep-th, physics:quant-ph], October 2020. arXiv:2010.00607.

  9. M. Michael Denner, Mark H. Fischer, and Titus Neupert. Efficient Learning of a One-dimensional Density Functional Theory. Physical Review Research, 2(3):033388, September 2020. arXiv:2005.03014, doi:10.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.033388.

  10. Elmer V. H. Doggen, Igor V. Gornyi, Alexander D. Mirlin, and Dmitry G. Polyakov. Slow many-body delocalization beyond one dimension. arXiv:2002.07635 [cond-mat], July 2020. arXiv:2002.07635.

  11. Xiao-Yu Dong and D. N. Sheng. Spin-1 Kitaev-Heisenberg model on a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. Physical Review B, 102(12):121102, September 2020. arXiv:1911.12854, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.102.121102.

  12. Axel Gagge and Jonas Larson. Superradiance, charge density waves and lattice gauge theory in a generalized Rabi-Hubbard chain. arXiv:2006.13588 [cond-mat, physics:quant-ph], June 2020. arXiv:2006.13588.

  13. Zi-Yong Ge, Rui-Zhen Huang, Zi Yang Meng, and Heng Fan. Approximating Lattice Gauge Theories on Superconducting Circuits: Quantum Phase Transition and Quench Dynamics. arXiv:2009.13350 [cond-mat, physics:quant-ph], September 2020. arXiv:2009.13350.