Papers using TeNPy

This page collects papers using (and citing) the TeNPy library, both as an inspiration what can be done, as well as to keep track of the usage, such that we can see how useful our work is to the community. It keeps us motivated!

To include your own work, you can either fill out this template on github, or you can directly add your citation in this Zotero online library (and notify us about it or just wait).

Entries in the following list are sorted by year-author.

  1. Johannes Hauschild, Eyal Leviatan, Jens H. Bardarson, Ehud Altman, Michael P. Zaletel, and Frank Pollmann. Finding purifications with minimal entanglement. Physical Review B, 98(23):235163, December 2018. arXiv:1711.01288, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.98.235163.

  2. Johannes Hauschild and Frank Pollmann. Efficient numerical simulations with Tensor Networks: Tensor Network Python (TeNPy). SciPost Physics Lecture Notes, pages 5, October 2018. arXiv:1805.00055, doi:10.21468/SciPostPhysLectNotes.5.

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  4. Yasuhiro Tada. Non-thermodynamic nature of the orbital angular momentum in neutral fermionic superfluids. Physical Review B, 97(21):214523, June 2018. arXiv:1805.11226, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.97.214523.

  5. Annabelle Bohrdt, Fabian Grusdt, and Michael Knap. Dynamical formation of a magnetic polaron in a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet. arXiv:1907.08214 [cond-mat, physics:quant-ph], July 2019. arXiv:1907.08214.

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  7. Johannes Michael Hauschild. Quantum Many-Body Systems Far Out of Equilibrium — Simulations with Tensor Networks. PhD thesis, Technische Universität München, München, 2019.

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  13. Stefan Birnkammer, Annabelle Bohrdt, Fabian Grusdt, and Michael Knap. Characterizing Topological Excitations of a Long-Range Heisenberg Model with Trapped Ions. arXiv:2012.09185 [cond-mat, physics:quant-ph], December 2020. arXiv:2012.09185.

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