• full name: tenpy.tools.spectral_function_tools

  • parent module: tenpy.tools

  • type: module


apply_gaussian_windowing(a[, sigma, axis])

Simple gaussian windowing function along an axes.

fourier_transform_space(lat, a[, axis])

fourier_transform_time(a, dt[, axis])

plot_correlations_on_lattice(ax, lat, ...[, ...])

Function to plot correlations on a lattice.

spectral_function(time_dep_corr, lat, dt[, ...])

Given a time dependent correlation function C(t, r), calculate its Spectral Function.

to_mps_geometry(lat, a)

Bring measurement in lattice geometry to mps geometry.

Module description

Tools around spectral functions.

This includes (spatial) fourier transforms on a Lattice, a spectral_function() to compute the spectral function from time dependent correlations on a lattice (which incorporates linear prediction and gaussian windowing directly). Those functions are used for the classes TimeDependentCorrelation and SpectralFunction. However, they can also be used in a standalone way on available results (i.e. in an interactive ipython or jupyter notebook session).