• full name: tenpy.simulations.simulation

  • parent module: tenpy.simulations

  • type: module


Inheritance diagram of tenpy.simulations.simulation

Simulation(options, *[, setup_logging, ...])

Base class for simulations.


Skip(msg, filename)

Error raised if simulation output already exists.


output_filename_from_dict(options[, parts, ...])

Format a output_filename from parts with values from nested options.

resume_from_checkpoint(*[, filename, ...])

Resume a simulation run from a given checkpoint.

run_seq_simulations(sequential[, ...])

Sequentially run (variational) simulations.

run_simulation([simulation_class, ...])

Run the simulation with a simulation class.

Module description

This module contains base classes for simulations.

The Simulation class tries to put everything need for a simulation in a structured form and collects task like initializing the tensor network state, model and algorithm classes, running the actual algorithm, possibly performing measurements and saving the results.


provide examples, give user guide