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  • parent module: tenpy.networks

  • type: module


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BosonSite([Nmax, conserve, filling])

Create a Site for up to Nmax bosons.

ClockSite(q[, conserve, sort_charge])

Quantum clock site.

FermionSite([conserve, filling])

Create a Site for spin-less fermions.

GroupedSite(sites[, labels, charges])

Group two or more Site into a larger one.

Site(leg[, state_labels, sort_charge])

Collects necessary information about a single local site of a lattice.

SpinHalfFermionSite([cons_N, cons_Sz, filling])

Create a Site for spinful (spin-1/2) fermions.

SpinHalfHoleSite([cons_N, cons_Sz, filling])

Create a Site for spinful (spin-1/2) fermions, restricted to empty or singly occupied sites

SpinHalfSite([conserve, sort_charge])

Spin-1/2 site.

SpinSite([S, conserve, sort_charge])

General Spin S site.


group_sites(sites[, n, labels, charges])

Given a list of sites, group each n sites together.

kron(*ops[, group])

Kronecker product of two or more local operators.

set_common_charges(sites[, new_charges, ...])

Adjust the charges of the given sites in place such that they can be used together.

spin_half_species(SpeciesSite, cons_N, ...)

Initialize two FermionSite to represent spin-1/2 species.

Module description

Defines a class describing the local physical Hilbert space.

The Site is the prototype, read it’s docstring.