• full name: tenpy.linalg.krylov_based

  • parent module: tenpy.linalg

  • type: module


Inheritance diagram of tenpy.linalg.krylov_based

Arnoldi(H, psi0, options)

Arnoldi method for diagonalizing square, non-hermitian/symmetric matrices.

GMRES(A, x, b, options)

KrylovBased(H, psi0, options)

Base class for iterative algorithms building a Krylov basis with np_conserved arrays.

LanczosEvolution(H, psi0, options)

Calculate \(exp(delta H) |psi0>\) using Lanczos.

LanczosGroundState(H, psi0, options)

Lanczos algorithm to find the ground state.


gram_schmidt(vecs[, rcond])

In place Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and normalization for npc Arrays.

iadd_prefactor_other(w, alpha, v)

iscale_prefactor(w, scale)

lanczos_arpack(H, psi[, options])

Use scipy.sparse.linalg.eigsh() to find the ground state of H.

plot_stats(ax, Es)

Plot the convergence of the energies.

Module description

Lanczos algorithm for np_conserved arrays.