• full name: tenpy.models.lattice

  • parent module: tenpy.models

  • type: module


Inheritance diagram of tenpy.models.lattice

Chain(L, site, **kwargs)

A chain of L equal sites.

HelicalLattice(regular_lattice, N_unit_cells)

Translation invariant version of a tilted, regular 2D lattice.

Honeycomb(Lx, Ly, sites, **kwargs)

A honeycomb lattice.

IrregularLattice(regular_lattice[, remove, ...])

A variant of a regular lattice, where we might have extra sites or sites missing.

Kagome(Lx, Ly, sites, **kwargs)

A Kagome lattice.

Ladder(L, sites, **kwargs)

A ladder coupling two chains.

Lattice(Ls, unit_cell[, order, bc, bc_MPS, ...])

A general, regular lattice.

MultiSpeciesLattice(simple_lattice, ...[, ...])

A variant of a SimpleLattice replacing the elementary site with a set of sites.

NLegLadder(L, N, sites, **kwargs)

A ladder coupling N chains.

SimpleBZ(vertices, basis, dim)

Helper class to provide an interface for the Brillouin Zone of a given lattice.

SimpleLattice(Ls, site, **kwargs)

A lattice with a unit cell consisting of just a single site.

Square(Lx, Ly, site, **kwargs)

A square lattice.

Triangular(Lx, Ly, site, **kwargs)

A triangular lattice.

TrivialLattice(mps_sites, **kwargs)

Trivial lattice consisting of a single (possibly large) unit cell in 1D.



Given the name of a Lattice class, get the lattice class itself.

get_order(shape, snake_winding[, priority])

Built the Lattice.order in (Snake-) C-Style for a given lattice shape.

get_order_grouped(shape, groups[, priority])

Variant of get_order(), grouping some sites of the unit cell.

Module description

Classes to define the lattice structure of a model.

The base class Lattice defines the general structure of a lattice, you can subclass this to define you own lattice. The SimpleLattice is a slight simplification for lattices with a single-site unit cell. Further, we have some predefined lattices, namely Chain, Ladder in 1D and Square, Triangular, Honeycomb, and Kagome in 2D.

The IrregularLattice provides a way to remove or add sites to an existing, regular lattice.

See also the Models and Details on the lattice geometry.

Further, an overview with plots of the predefined models is given in Overview predefined lattices