• full name: tenpy.simulations.time_evolution

  • parent module: tenpy.simulations

  • type: module


Inheritance diagram of tenpy.simulations.time_evolution

RealTimeEvolution(options, **kwargs)

Perform a real-time evolution on a tensor network state.

SpectralSimulation(options, *[, ...])

Simulation class to calculate Spectral Functions.

SpectralSimulationEvolveBraKet(options, *[, ...])

TimeDependentCorrelation(options, *[, ...])

Specialized RealTimeEvolution to calculate a time dependent correlation function of a ground state.

TimeDependentCorrelationEvolveBraKet(*args, ...)

Evolving the bra and ket state in TimeDependentCorrelation.

Module description

Simulations for (real) time evolution, time dependent correlation functions and spectral functions.