tenpy.linalg.krylov_based.gram_schmidt(vecs, rcond=1e-14, verbose=None)[source]

In place Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and normalization for npc Arrays.

Deprecated since version 0.9.1: Previously, this function return vecs, ov with ov being the overlaps <vecs[i]|vecs[j]>. The return value ov has been dropped now, since it wasn’t used anyways.

  • vecs (list of Array) – The vectors which should be orthogonalized. All with the same order of the legs. Entries are modified in place. if a norm < rcond, the entry is set to None.

  • rcond (float) – Vectors of norm < rcond (after projecting out previous vectors) are discarded.


vecs – The ortho-normalized vectors (without any None).

Return type

list of Array