plot_correlations_on_lattice, lat, correlations, pairs='nearest_neighbors', scale=1, color_pos='r', color_neg='g', color=None, zorder=0)[source]

Function to plot correlations on a lattice.

The strength of the correlations is given by the thickness of connecting lines.

  • axmatplotlib.axes.Axes

  • lat – a (TeNPy) lattice Lattice to plot the correlations on

  • correlations (array-like) – an array of correlations (in mps_form)

  • pairs (str) – Pairs as in pairs

  • scale (float) – scale of the lines defining the correlations

  • color_pos (str) – color for positive correlations

  • color_neg (str) – color for negative correlations

  • color (str) – one color for both positive and negative correlations

  • zorder (float) – zorder of lines defining the correlations (set a higher order to display them above the couplings)