• full name: tenpy.tools.fit.central_charge_from_S_profile

  • parent module: tenpy.tools.fit

  • type: function

tenpy.tools.fit.central_charge_from_S_profile(psi, exclude=None)[source]

Fit the entanglement entropy of a finite MPS to the expected profile for critical models.

See entropy_profile_from_CFT() for the function we fit to.

  • psi (MPS) – Ground state of a finite system at a critical point (i.e. gapless!). The bond dimension should be large enough to be converged!

  • exclude (int) – How many sites at the left (and at the right) boundary to exclude from the fit (to avoid boundary effects). Defaults to psi.L // 4


  • central_charge, const (float) – Central charge and constant offset as in entropy_profile_from_CFT().

  • res (float) – Residuum of the error.