tenpy.simulations.post_processing.pp_plot_correlations_on_lattice(DL: DataLoader, *, data_key, t_step=0, keys='nearest_neighbors', default_dir: str = 'plots', save_as: str = 'Correlations.pdf', markers='D', figsize=(8, 8), **kwargs)[source]

Save a plot during post-processing to plot correlations on a lattice.

  • DL (DataLoader)

  • data_key (str) – key for correlation function

  • t_step (int) – time step to plot correlations on

  • keys (str or list) – Valid keys are the ones defined in the corresponding lattice pairs, e.g. ‘nearest_neighbors’

  • markers (str or list) – a str for a single or a list of symbols for different sites within a unit cell given to plot sites

  • figsize (tuple)

  • save_as (str) – string under which to save the plot (and extension)

  • default_dir (str) – default (sub-) directory under which to save the plot

  • kwargs – kwargs to plot_correlations_on_lattice()