tenpy.simulations.measurement.m_correlation_length(results, psi, model, simulation, results_key='correlation_length', unit=None, **kwargs)[source]

Measure the correlation of an infinite MPS.

  • results – See measurement_index().

  • psi – See measurement_index().

  • model – See measurement_index().

  • simulation – See measurement_index().

  • results_key – See measurement_index().

  • unit ('MPS_sites' | 'MPS_sites_ungrouped' | 'lattice_rings') –

    The unit in which the correlation length is returned, see the warning in correlation_length().

    MPS_sites :

    Units of the current MPS site

    MPS_sites_ungrouped :

    If psi is an MPS upon which group_sites() was called, this is in units of the ungrouped sites.

    lattice_rings :

    In units of lattice “rings” around the cylinder, for correlations along the lattice.basis[0].

    lattice_spacing :

    In units of lattice spacings (as defined by the lattice basis vectors!) for correlations, along the cylinder axis (for periodic boundary conditions along y) or along lattice.basis[0] (for “ladders” with open boundary conditions).

  • **kwargs – Further keyword arguments given to correlation_length().