Literature and References

This is a (by far non-exhaustive) list of some references for the various ideas behind the code. They can be cited like this:

  • [TeNPyNotes] for TeNPy/software related sources

  • [white1992] (lowercase first-author + year) for entries from literature.bib.

General reading

[schollwoeck2011] is an extensive introduction to MPS, DMRG and TEBD with lots of details on the implementations, and a classic read, although a bit lengthy. Our [TeNPyNotes] are a shorter summary of the important concepts, similar as [orus2014]. [paeckel2019] is a very good, recent review focusing on time evolution with MPS. The lecture notes of [eisert2013] explain the area law as motivation for tensor networks very well. PEPS are for example reviewed in [verstraete2008], [eisert2013] and [orus2014]. [cirac2020] is a recent, broad review of MPS and MPS with a focus on analytical theorems. [stoudenmire2012] reviews the use of DMRG for 2D systems. [cirac2009] discusses the different groups of tensor network states. [vanderstraeten2019] is a great review on tangent space methods for infinite, uniform MPS.

Algorithm developments

[white1992, white1993] is the invention of DMRG, which started everything. [vidal2004] introduced TEBD. [white2005] and [hubig2015] solved problems for single-site DMRG. [mcculloch2008] was a huge step forward to solve convergence problems for infinite DMRG. [singh2010, singh2011] explain how to incorporate Symmetries. [haegeman2011] introduced TDVP, again explained more accessible in [haegeman2016]. [zaletel2015] is another standard method for time-evolution with long-range Hamiltonians. [karrasch2013] gives some tricks to do finite-temperature simulations (DMRG), which is a bit extended in [hauschild2018a]. [vidal2007] introduced MERA. The scaling \(S=c/6 log(\chi)\) at a 1D critical point is explained in [pollmann2009]. [vanderstraeten2019] gives a very good introductin to infinite, uniform MPS.



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