• full name: tenpy.simulations.post_processing

  • parent module: tenpy.simulations

  • type: module


Inheritance diagram of tenpy.simulations.post_processing

DataLoader([filename, simulation, data])

Post-processing class to handle IO and get Model and MPS from saved simulation data.


pp_plot_correlations_on_lattice(DL, *, data_key)

Save a plot during post-processing to plot correlations on a lattice.

pp_spectral_function(DL, *, correlation_key)

Given a time dependent correlation function C(t, r), calculate its Spectral Function.

Module description

Simple post-processing class and functions.

This module contains the DataLoader class. This rationale behind this class is to make loading data from a (finished) Simulation run easier and more efficient. This includes not loading the full .hdf5 file into memory without having to directly interact with the Hdf5Loader. Furthermore, an instance of the model, the lattice and the Brillouin Zone of the Simulation can be directly accessed. Similar to the measurement the functions provided in this module can be used by the simulation class in a post-processing step. They follow the syntax def pp_function(DL, *, kwarg1, kwarg_2=default_2):.