tenpy.simulations.measurement.measurement_index(results, psi, simulation, key='measurement_index')[source]

‘Measure’ the index of how many mearuements have been performed so far.

The parameter description below also documents the common interface of all measurement functions, that can be registered to simulations.

  • results (dict) – A dictionary with measurement results performed so far. Instead of returning the result, the output should be written into this dictionary under an appropriate key (or multiple keys, if applicable).

  • psi – Tensor network state to be measured. Shorthand for simulation.psi.

  • simulation (Simulation) – The simulation class. This gives also access to the model, algorithm engine, etc.

  • key (str) – (Optional.) The key under which to save in results.

  • **kwargs – Other optional keyword arguments for individual measurement functions. Those are documented inside each measurement function.